What Things Want.

Every now and then I read something and it instantly triggers inspiration. It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Today was one of those days.

What Things Want.

Photo courtesy of "Willamor Media"

Like any other day I was reading my Twitter feed when I saw a re-tweet that someone had made. It was a link to a blog post by Geoff Holsclaw, a Pastor that I don’t know. The title of the post was this;

What Things Want.

As soon as I saw it, I instantly thought back to a time when I was driving with my wife many years ago. We were passing through a beach suburb in Sydney. As we drove, we talked about owning one of the many large and impressive houses some time in the future.

As we drove and talked about the houses it dawned on me that those houses had too big a need. Those houses wanted me to get a corporate job, to spend long hours working, and to give up family time for them. One of those houses needed too much from me because one of those houses wanted everything.

I realised this again today when I saw the title for the blog post;

Everything wants something from you.

Of course, inanimate objects don’t actually want for ‘stuff’ like people do. But, in some strange sense, they do. In some way ‘things’ not only want things, but also subtly communicate what they want and what they desires from us. In order to see what they want we have to live with our eyes and ears open.

For example, a video game says, ‘come play me’ or, ‘come spend time with me’. A video game wants you to invest your time it. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless of course some time becomes all our your time. When the video game starts to demand all your time, all your thinking, then could it be that it has asked too much?

Another example might be the internet and especially social media which says ‘look at me’, or ‘speak to me’. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram yearn for your attention. They want you to be constantly thinking of them and what you’ll say to them next. They don’t sleep and they always want more, the next tweet, or update, or photo.

Think about it.

It’s not only these objects that want things from you. All objects want something from you. A new car wants you to be proud of it, to spend time driving it, cleaning it and looking after it. A house, even in an average suburb says, ‘go on, mortgage your self for me’. Then once you have it, it says ‘I need another level, go get a better job for me, I want a second story’.

It doesn’t matter what the object is, it has desires, it has wants and it has needs.

We like to think that objects have no power, they’re just objects. We try to convince ourselves that we are masters of our things and that they don’t have any desires.

But they do! It may be something little, or it may be your whole life.

Fortunately, things leave the choice of what we will give to them, up to us. Things let us decide whether we want them enough to commit to satisfying their desires.

So before you go ahead and commit to that new car, or motorbike, boat, house, or some other smaller object, think first about what that thing actually want.

Question: Have you noticed that ‘things’ want something from you? Have you had to choose not to buy something, or had to get rid of something that was asking too much? Let me know in the comment section below.