June’s Top Ten Posts

Last night I spent some time reviewing the traffic statistics on the iCHRCH Blog for the month of June. I’m super encouraged by the growth that I’ve seen this month. Thanks so much for visiting, reading, sharing and commenting on the posts. I appreciate you coming on this journey with me.

June's Top 10 Posts

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I thought I’d share with you all the most read posts. There have been a few stand outs but over all it seems that The Most Important Book Ever Written series has been really popular. I’m pleased about that because the word of God is very important to me and I’m happy it is for you all too.

Here’s the top ten posts based on page views, in descending order;

10. It All Starts When You Stop Walking And Start Talking! – This is a post about the importance of stopping to talk with people instead of ignoring them as you walk on by. This post is a personal favorite.

9. How to: Design Your Ideal Week For Better Use Of Your Time – This article, published in May (which shows how popular it’s been), is for anyone who needs a little help getting organizing their time in order to get things done more efficiently. Includes a downloadable template that has been really popular.

8. Bible Memory Verses – Like Anchors For The Soul – A post about the importance of memorizing scripture. It includes links to 3 systems for great verses to memorize.

7. My Daily Bible Reading Tool Kit – The only thing you need to read the Bible is a Bible right? Yes, but to get the most benefit from the time you invest you may want to grab a few extra bits and pieces as outlined in this post.

6. The Old Testament: Should We Rip Out The Parts We Don’t Like? – For many the Old Testament is a mystery, they struggle to know how to read and apply it. This post gives some helpful pointers.

5. 6 Simple Steps To Memorizing A Whole Book Of The Bible – A post with some basic steps on how to memorize an entire book of the Bible. I’ve had a lot of encouraging feedback from you all with your progress. I’m excited to say that people are actually doing it!!

4. 5 Easy Ways To Teach Your Kids The Bible – The Bible is not just for adults and it’s never too early to start teaching your kids. This post includes links to some great resources my wife and I’ve been using.

3. Understanding The Bible: Here’s A Little Help – This post explains how we can go with our own “best guess interpretations” of the Bible but that this doesn’t really treat God’s word with the respect it deserves. It then gives some Help on how to avoid this.

2. 5 Daily Bible Reading Plans That Will Kick Start Your Spiritual Growth – This post outlines 5 vastly different daily Bible reading plans plan with links to resources and actual downloadable resources.

1. The 3 Ways People Read The Bible – This post was the most popular this month even though it was published in May. It speaks about the 3 main ways people read the bible with pro’s and con’s for each.

Thanks again for reading and commenting on the posts this past month. Please continue to share the posts and add your responses, thoughts and questions each day to the comments section below each post.

Question: Were there any posts that you particularly enjoyed, either on the list or perhaps one that didn’t make it into the top ten?