A Work In Progress.

You may have noticed that the iCHRCH blog has changed. I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks. My aim is to constantly be improving it, hopefully to make it look, but more importantly run better. I really want it to be fast and effective, with meaningful helpful insights into how we can getter live in ‘pursuit of the way’.

A Work In Progress

Photo courtesy of Nastia Rachetto

It was a tough thing changing it, because in the process I had to leave behind some of the hard work I’d put in over the last few months of last year. What I thought was good then, I realised wasn’t that great. Some of the behind the scenes stuff was actually holding the site back.

So I changed it. It’s now running on the Standard Theme,(which you should check out if you plan on starting a blog). In the process I realised that the site will never be complete. I’ll always be updating, or changing something.

It’s a work in progress.

People often criticize the Church, or Christians in general. They think that we claim to have our lives all together. They think our attitude is that we’re better than everyone else. Their right in some ways, many people do act better than they actually are. And some people do think they’re better because they go to Church each week. But, it’s also true to say that the Church isn’t meant for perfect people. The Church is actually full of broken people. Even people who pretend to be better than they are.

Jesus said it this way;

“It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”

As soon as we start to think we’ve got it all together, or that we’re better than someone else, it’s in that moment that we prove that we’re sinful, proud and arrogant. It’s right then, that we prove we need a Savior.

I like think to think of life as a work in progress.

Let’s not act better than we actually are. Let’s be better. It’s in becoming more holy, more set apart for Gods glory, that we begin to see life, and the world around us, the way He intends for it to be.

God wants to help us fulfill all He has for humanity. He wants us to live abundant lives, full of depth, and peace, and joy. You don’t get that when you’re acting, you get that kind of life as you actually allow Him to change you into all He wants you to be, even if it means leaving some things behind.

Let’s never forget that like this blog, you and I are a work in progress.

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