5 Simple Steps To Eating The Jobs You Hate For Breakfast!

I can remember one time when my Mother fed the family sago. I hadn’t eaten it before and I certainly didn’t like it. As it happens my Dad loves it and so he wasn’t going to let me get down from the table until I had finished it all.

5 Simple Steps to Eating The Jobs You Hate For Breakfast!

Photo courtesy of "ace_reston"

I pleaded and begged but it was not use. The end to the story is that I had no choice, I had to sit there and eat it. The trouble was I’d left it so long and carried on so much that by the time I resigned myself to the truth of what I needed to do, it was cold and even worse than before.

There are things in life we just don’t like doing

We all have things in our world that we’d rather put aside and not do. I know a lot of people, myself included sometimes, that find it difficult not to procrastinate on the things that take just that little bit more time or effort. It’s so much more enjoyable to just tackle the fun aspects of life. But part of stewarding our lives and living in pursuit of the way, is in doing the things we don’t necessarily want to do.

How should we tackle these areas?

There are all sorts of ways to approach these areas of life. Some people simply ignore them hoping they’ll go away. Realistically though these things in life often can become like my sago, more difficult to swallow the longer you leave them. Usually there’s also repercussions things. Plus, it’s not a good witness of our faith and beliefs when we simply don’t do the things we have to do. So, the alternative is to face the things we don’t want to do head on.

Here’s 5 simple steps that can help in this process.

1. Define success

Usually when I’ve ignored a job it’s because I’ve allowed the very thought of what it will take to get it done to overwhelm me. Reality is though, to get a job done we need to first consider what it will take to do it and to do it well.

2. Plan the steps

Break the job down into smaller bite size chunks. Everything is easier to chew on when approached in smaller pieces. Be realistic and well planned here for greater success later.

3. Set specific and realistic time frames

Don’t over or under-estimate the amount of time the task will actually take. Given you’ve considered the steps now break the time the job will take down into these these steps and allocate them in your diary.

4. Remove distractions

Once the allocated time comes make sure that you remove all distraction for the allocated period. Make your family or coworkers aware that you are busy. Shut the door, divert your telephone, close all social network applications on your computer, and quit your email.

5. Reward completion

Here’s the best part of the process. Set a reward for yourself for getting the job done. It doesn’t have to be anything costly, as long as it’s an actual reward for you. Write down your reward in advance in a prominent place so as to remind yourself. Also, hold back the reward from yourself until all the steps in the job are complete. Be ruthless and if you don’t complete the job you don’t get the reward.

These 5 steps are some simple suggestions to get you and I motivated with the things in our lives that we don’t like doing. I hope they help motivate you to achieve everything you need to get done to the glory of God.

Question: What would you add? How do you go about getting the jobs you hate done?