19 Things That Great Christian Leaders Do That Others Won’t.

When you stop to think about it, the great Christian leaders in your world, if they’re like those in mine, are unique people. They have certain ways and characteristics. They don’t just talk about what needs to be done, they get on and do it.

19 Things That Great Christian Leaders Do That Others Won't.

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If you or I want to be more than average Christians, and become people that really influence the world around us, then we need to consider the things that great Christian leaders do and the rest of us don’t. After all, great Christian leaders are great because they do the things that others won’t.

Leaders simply do what others don’t and leaders do the things that others wont.

Becoming a great Christian leader isn’t about luck, or knowing the right people, or looking good.

Great Christian Leadership is about faith, commitment and good old fashioned hard work.

It comes from day in, day out, faithfully working hard. Doing more the minimum and more than is required.

So, are you doing what the great Christian leaders of our time are doing?

Here’s a checklist of the 19 things that Great Christian leader do and that other won’t;

1. Personal Relationship With God - Great Christian leaders have a deeply personal relationship with Jesus. They read the Bible religiously and study it for their own nourishment and well being long before imparting anything to others. They pray and fervantly seek God for direction and guidance. There’s no point seeking to lead others in the Church if you don’t start here.

2. Get Up Early – Leaders use their time. I’ve talked about this before in my post about finding more time. The bottom line is, if you want to be a great Christian leader, you’re going to have to find all the time you can to get things done and getting up early is a good start.

3. Plan Your Days – Leaders don’t meander through their days, they know what they need to acheive and they plan accordingly. Therefore, start each day with a plan in mind.

4. Exercise - Great leaders exercise and your health will help you to be able to lead well too. Exercise helps you to think clearly, to remain motivated and productive.

5. Work Harder Than Others - It’s obvious that leaders work hard. What may not be as obvious are all the hours that great leaders work when no one is looking. In order to lead those around you, you’re going to have to do more than those around you, probably when no one is around to see it.

6. Have Personal Goals - Leaders don’t just work to other peoples goals, they set their own. They know what they intend to achieve and they are personally motivated.

7. Get The Job Done - Leaders make getting the job done a personal commitment. Even when they deligate a task they don’t abandon it and blame the person they delegated to when the job doesn’t get completed. That’s not delegation, that’s dumping.

8. Never Complain - Leaders don’t complain. They size up any situation then work towards getting it done. When you complain you’re showing that the task is greater than your commitment to seeing it achieved.

9. Communicate Vision - Being a dreamer is easy, communicating vision is not. Great leaders don’t just dream up crazy ideas, they seek God for direction and then they effectively communicate it to others.

10. Step Out In Faith - Leaders don’t just talk about the vision, they get about doing it. If you’re going to be a great Christian leader then you need to do the same. Believe in what it is that God is calling you into, then step out in faith towards that end.

11. Know The Power of No – In order to achieve the vision they believe God has called them into, great Christian leaders realise they must say *No* to other things. Often the other things look like great opportunities, but great leaders know they can’t do everything. Saying *no* allows them to acheive the vision and not be distracted but things that seem like good opportunities.

12. Leader Are Learners - Great leaders don’t allow themselves to be limited by what they don’t know. Instead, leader learn. They learn from people, the word of God, other books and life itself.

13. Rest - Leaders know the importance of rest. They work hard and when it comes time to rest, they do this diligently. Resting is a key to longevity and great Christian leaders are great at sticking to their time off.

14. Don’t Procrastinate - Leaders who stand out from the pack do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done. If you want to become like these people, you need to they things God has put in your hand right now.

15. Serve Others - Leaders serve before they are served. We are all under authority whether that be our Heavenly Father, or some earthly leader. Great leaders know their place and serve accordingly.

16. Choose Wisdom - Those in Church leadership, who serve faithfully for a lifetime, don’t go in and out of relationship with God, or their community of faith. They don’t make short sighted decisions. They consistently choose to make Godly decisions and they stick to them wholeheartedly, no matter the outcome.

17. Keep Turning Up - Often leaders that we esteem are not the brightest and the best. Instead, they’re usually the people that choose to follow Christ wherever He leads and then keep turning up. Over time they grow the character needed for leadership and their faithfulness raises them to the top.

18. Make Mistakes - Making mistakes is often seen as a negative thing. Amongst Great Christian leaders though it is not. We all make mistakes, but great leaders take mistakes on the chin, apologise, learn the necessary lessons and then move on.

19. Never Give Up - Christian leaders don’t give up. They know they’re called of God and they stay true to Christ and his Kingdom. No matter what they face, they hold firm to the truth of God’s word in and out of season.

Bonus Tip…

20. Integrity In The Little Things - Great Christian Leaders who go the distance have the highest of standards of personal integrity. They don’t just exhibit integrity in the seen things, but in all the little details of life. From money matters, to internet activity, from language, to media consumption, great Christian leaders don’t see themselves as infallible and therefore put in place accountability measures in order to help them stay on track, pure and full of integrity in every area of life.

Leadership isn’t easy, but it is rewarding and something that to some extent we as Christians are all called to. As you grow in your leadership capacity, keep these 19… er.. 20 things in mind and you’re sure to achieve great things for God and His Kingdom. Over time you’ll soon become a truly great Christian leader.

Who’s a great Christian leader that you admire? What are some of their habits that you’ve observed? Share in the comments section below.